Hunting Trip to Rendalen

Published: 07.11.18

The time had finally come for this year's annual bird hunting trip with the boys. This time we planned a trip to Rendalen and in the car I was joined by two cheerful lads from the western part of Norway plus a gentleman from Oslo's nice part of town. We borrowed a cabin from a neigbouring relative and it all promised to be a successful trip! Scroll to the bottom of the article for the accompanying video.

Rendalen is an area of Norway where you feel like you're in the middle of nowhere, even when you're driving down the main roads. You're likely to meet wildlife such as moose, as well as come across countless game birds. Needless to say; the area is an Eldorado for hunting as well as for fishing. I'd argue it might host Norway's best trout fishing, especially if you add Engerdalen to the equation, as these areas are filled with an endless supply of lakes, rivers and springs holding large trout.

Fishing aside, this time we came for hunting and it was all of our first times here in the area. Goodness gracious, what a place. The idyllic and charming cabin was in the middle of the terrain, and we could start the hunt right outside of the doors. The area was beautiful and easy to trek with tall pine trees, bogs, rolling hills and river valleys. We could hunt between 300-1200 M.A.S. so we had a great chance of finding game bird in this area.

Our dogs did a formidable job and gave us plenty of opportunities to have a successful hunt. The only problem were our shots! We missed and missed again. I'd lost count of the big game birds as there were so many of them, and it was a good testimony to this amazing area. Not only large game birds, but there were plenty of ptarmigans there as well. Finally I was given the opportunity I couldn't miss. The dog stopped dead in his tracks ten meters up ahead, and I immediately knew there were birds. I took two steps before the female wood grouse took off right in front of us. I took my time this time, loaded, aimed and pulled the trigger. Finally a hit! It was an incredibly good feeling after having trekked around closer to 50kms, the dogs having done closer to 200.

If you'd like more information about Rendalen feel free to contact me here. If you'd like to enquire about guided hunting-, fishing- and hiking trips to this area feel free to contact me here.

//Christer Nannestad - Youtube & Instagram: Nansen_Bamsen

Translated by Bergljot Sindredottir St√łer - Instagram: bergy_b