Sightseeing and Transport with Guided Tour

- Do you want to experience the forest roads. You can also enjoy nature going from one place to another. We choose the most interesting roads.

If you want to take it easy and explore the nature by car, then this is a great option. We can also pick you up in a city and take you through exciting nature and to another city if you're traveling around in Norway.

Half - Full day Sightseeing in to the Wild.

- We will take you out on small roads, showing you wilderness surroundings by car and possibly short trips by your feet,.

- Half day (4 hours), full day (8 hours).

- Including: Transport, snacks and drinks.

- Price from 700,- (NOK)

Transport from one Place to Another

- We take you from one place to another. We will find the most interesting routes, so that you can see the most of the beautiful nautre in Norway.

- Price and duration are set by arrangement.