Activities into the wild

Do you want a bit more action and excitement? 

We arrange trips where that will make your blood rush from adrenaline, such as Climbing, abseiling and tours with ski or snowshoes (in winter). We also arrange with expeditions where you can get tough challenge. For example tours without food, long skiing or hiking, or winter outdoor activities.

We offer transport and photo service as well. 

Climbing / Abseiling

- Climbing / Abseiling outdoor

- Half day (3 hours) Full day (6 hours). 

- Season: May - September.

- Including: Equipment, snacks, food and drinks

 - Price from 600,- (NOK)

Cookery Course / Dinner

- Using different methods in the wilderness to cook food.

- Half day (3 hours) All day (6 hours).

- Season: All year.

- Food, drinks and equipment are included.

- Price from 600, -(NOK)