- Do you want to experience east country side by using your feet? 

We take you to great places in eastern Norway. The duration, and location of the trip will vary according to the customer's request. 

We offer transport and photo service as well.

Half-day Tours

- If you just have a little time to spare, you can still experience the wilderness.

- Duration 3-4 hours. 

- Price from 500,- (NOK)

Day Tours

- A whole day out in the wilderness. 

- Duration about 8 hours. 

- Including food and drinks. 

- Price from 800,- (NOK)

Out in the Wilderness with Accommodation

- Minimum one night stay. Wake up outside in the open is an incredibly and memorable experience.

 -Including: Food, drinks, tent and sleeping bag. 

- Price from 1500,- (NOK)

Mountain Tour with Accommodation 

- Minimum two nights stay. 

- Visit a mountain area. 

- including: Tansport, food, drinks, tent, sleeping bag and  transport..

- Price from 3000,- (NOK)